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A web portal for our villages’ shops allowing them to make the transition to online commerce.

This portal is aimed at all village shops in French-speaking Switzerland who are active in the food sector, such as village grocery shops, butchers or cheese dairies, and who wish to offer their products for sale online while benefiting from long-term support from the Proxi Services Sàrl teams.


Each shop benefits from its own e-commerce instance and can manage its products and customers autonomously and independently. The merchants benefit from support from Proxi Services Sàrl to reference their products and then manage their online shop window.


This portal was developed by Proxi Services Sàrl based in Grens in the canton of Vaud, in collaboration with SBA Concept based in Neuchâtel, with the aim of allowing each merchant to add an online shop window to their existing business. Contact us if you want to know more or if you have any suggestions.


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